Got id-ed for cigs again.. so thought id treat myself with some baby food..

I want this body, please

Still up…

All ready for the party!!

Party preps

Getting ready for my party tonight! My little pony style!


follow your heart


I have been asked to design illustrations to put on baby clothes for an online shop in The Netherlands! woohoo

FUCK! somehow zazzle turned the product name in the webstore to little piglet girl.. instead of little big girl.. while the product name (when I want to edit it, is correct) what the fuck? Little PIGLET girl???? Thanks guys.. I know I’ve gained a few.. but.. you didn’t have to tell me this in such a passive agressive way.. 

My friends tell me it’s because sony owns the right of any name starting little big … bla bla.. I now hired a tradename specialist to figure stuff out for me.. 

in the mean time come on everyone buy your little piglet girl merchandise!*/

I might have to close the store.. 
Big corporations suck

New Merch widget on my page

go check it out!

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Today: old creations, now with color.. 

frustration talk with YOU people on tumblr

  • Me: Look people, I made all this awesome shit, I'm doing something positive!
  • tumblr: .......
  • Me: Really they are awesome, I even published a cute book!
  • tumblr: .......
  • Me: Hey I gained shit loads of weight, and need to lose it again, look at my salad *insert picture*
  • tumblr: reblog like reblog like
  • This saddens me!
  • How come people only care about whether or not I post a cute skinny girl, tell the world I am not good enough and fat and feel horrible?
  • I am trying to do something positive here which gets totally dismissed and overshadowed.. I need new foloowers! positive ones, the ones that would enjoy my positive vibe every now and again.
  • Not skinny enough to be part of the crowd, and no one replies to ANYTHING I post.
  • Not Hipster enough or Artsy enough to have the art crowd look at my shit.. this is fucking frustrating. I am deleting my followers, and I am starting over.



come on people.. more than 300 products for sale! + a great book (description in dutch, but basically it says.. write the story of your life, draw, sketch etc. You are the CREATOR and the CREATION) 

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buy my book, it’s a notebook or a “create your own” story book, journal, sketchbook or diary… You are the Creator and Creation of Your Own Story! 

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